The Draas

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A reptilian Race for my own world of Varathia

The Draas

This humanoid looks like a compact but much more attractive member of the lizardfolk race. It has a long slender tail, a pair of short white horns situated above its snake-like eyes, and smooth glossy scales of almost hypnotic beauty.

Vanity thy name is Draas. At least that is the feeling most folks who have dealt with of them have. While this opinion is not wholly inaccurate simply calling the whole race vain would be oversimplifying things. Draas are beautiful creatures and they know it. They work very hard to perfect their bodies and personal appearance. To the draas their appearance is a matter of racial pride. How better to represent their proud draconic heritage than to appear as splendidly as possible to those not fortunate enough to have such a blessed bloodline. Magic is another way they express their heritage and it is very rare to find a draas without at least a little magical power. Draas are natural salesmen and diplomats and it is not unusual to see stalls in bazaars with a draas salesman smoothly touting the superiority of his wears (true or not) to some enrapt potential buyer.

Draas claim that they are the direct descendants of dragons, and something in their eyes makes you want to believe it. They sure do. Dresses in flowing finery, wearing numerous bits of jewelry that perfectly compliment their shining scales and eye color, and speaking with the honeyed words of a great wurm they make a compelling argument for their belief. Some draas put forth the notion that dragons may even be descended from them.

Personality: Draas are somewhat self-interested creatures whose bloodline makes them feel a bit superior to the more common races. They are not prejudiced however at least not so much so that it gets in the way of business. Draas are fast talkers and fast movers and this is reflected in their personality, as they are sometimes impatient, impulsive or easily distracted. They have good manors however and try to observe local customs and etiquette as often as possible.

Physical Description: In terms of body shape, the draas very much resemble lizardfolk. Only where lizardfolk are bulky, draas are lean. Where lizardfolk are rough, draas are smooth. Lizardfolk are savage. Draas are refined. Draas are about the average height of a human of either sex with slender builds. They have beautiful golden colored eyes like that of a snake with a small ivory horns curving up out of the forehead of their serpentine skulls. Their bodies have no hair but what they do have is a hide covered with small glossy scales. The colors of their scales seems to come in an innumerable amount of variations, all the way down the color scale from black on into the brighter hues like red, blue, yellow, green, and even white with the occasional striped or diamond pattern on the back and neck. The scales of the throat, chest, belly, and underside of the tail have a creamy alabaster color on all draas. Draas always dress themselves in the finest armor, clothing, and jewelry they can afford.

Relations: By their very natures draas get along well with other races with a special like for gnomes. Always the salesmen they speak of the good qualities of a race and tend to ignore the bad unless it suits them not to. The only race that they hold any animosity toward are kobalds, and this is largely due to the fact that people keep people keep describing them as a “sort of big, pretty kobald” and asking if they are a related race. An idea the draas find rather insulting.

Alignment: Draas have a definite chaotic streak in them but it only tends to manifest itself in situations of extreme boredom. They have no set leanings toward good or evil.

Draas Lands: Draas build their settlements in hot areas both arid and humid, preferably within riding distance of a cosmopolitan area of some sort to do trade. You may be able to get a draas to visit a cold climate but one would never live there. The majority of Draas on the contnent of Dracovar live in Lectorun, its southernmost tip.

Religion: Draas have a strong cultural fixation with their supposed dragon heritage and this carries over into their spiritual life as well. Draas worship the ancient gods of dragonkind.

Names: Draas tend to have long polysyllabic draconic names that are difficult to say by other races and are typically shortened to the first one or two syllables as nicknames by their non-draas companions.

Adventurers: Draas adventure for any number of reasons but the main reason is to increase their personal prestige in their own culture. The wealthier a draas can become the more respected they will gain in their community. This social habit also lends a small amount of credence to their claim of true dragon blood

Draas Racial Traits

Medium: As Medium creatures, draas have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size

Draas base land speed is 40 feet.

Weapon Proficiency: Draas receive the Martial Weapon Proficiency feats for either the scimitar or falchion as bonus feats. Draas love the beauty of these curved blades and all draas are trained to use the weapon that best suits their frame at a young age.

Cold Sensitivity: Draas metabolism is not suited to cold environments and they receive a -2 penalty to all saving throws verses cold spells and effects. Draas love the heat of the deserts and jungles but their reptilian physiology can’t stand up to the cold that well.

Skills: Draas receive a +2 racial bonus to bluff and diplomacy checks. The Draas also gain a +1 bonus to all knowledge (arcana) and spellcraft checks. Draas love to boast and make deals as well as have a fundamental understanding of things of a magical nature.

Natural Armor: Draas have tough glossy snake-like scales that cover their entire body, giving them a +1 bonus to natural armor.

Dragon Blood: For all effects related to race, a draas is considered a dragon. Draas, for example, are just as vulnerable to special effects that affect dragons as true dragons are and can use magic items that are only usable by dragons. This ability, while not necessarily meaning the draas are actually descended from dragons, represents the draas’ true belief that this is so. So much so that it can fool spells and magic items.

Automatic Languages: Common and Draas. Bonus languages: Draconic, Giant, Ignian,

Favored Class: Sorcerer. A multiclass draas’ sorcerer class does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty (see the XP for Multiclass Characters section on page 60 of the Player's Handbook). The Draas have a natural talent with magic that they credit to their dragon ancestors

Level Adjustment: +0.



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