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"No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up."
- Lily Tomlin


This is a page dedicated to the mind shattering genius of the man, the myth, the legend known as Terance Roy Crosby. A creature who is wise beyond his meager 26 years with the soulful insight and gentle ways that can put most biblical saints to shame. His startling good looks and witty turn of phrase make him beloved by human beings of all ages both sexes. Truly his superhuman intellect and profound understanding of all things and people make him a man worthy of praise and adoration by all



… and if you believe all of that horseshit, he also can be trusted with money


Beware The…something-or-other
Wednesday, March 15, 2006

As it turns out this particular date is a pretty crappy day to be rich and/or powerful and/or famous. A few important people died on this day like Cao Cao (King of Wei), Odoacer (King of Italy), H. P. Lovecraft (King of creepy muthafuckas), and Aristotle Onassis (King of getting it on with ex-first ladies). There was someone else too… fuck if I know thought.

On a related note happy International Day Against Police Brutality Geez that ass-whoopin Rodney King got still looks like it hurts.

In Other News:
Item: I am no longer under doctor’s care and am once again free to join the work force.
Ghey. As I am sure you all know I hate working more than anything so I am about to become my usual trademarked “Sad Wreck of a Person” that you all love so much. I know I do.

Item: My niece Charity is going to the hospital today to get some sort of medical thing done. I think this involves knives in some capacity. Ick. Get well soon.

Item: I would be remiss in my duty as a fanboi Idolater if I did not publicly flog myself for not posting a Happy birthday to my favorite dead author DOUGLAS ADAMS. I’m still stinging from the loss of both him and Jim Henson.

With death, Mayhem, and Surgery for All
Tom Pulsar

My Hump, My Hump, My Humpday.
Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Few Notes -
To everyone in the UK: Happy National No-Smoking Day!
To all Albanian mothers: Happy Albanian Mothers Day!
To all women: It’s International Women’s Day. Cook a freakin’ Meal!

Today is a very personal holiday for me, Alan Hale Jr.’s Birthday. That’s right the Skipper! That man had a grin that was goddamn enviable. This loveable actor was just the kind of goofy, surly old man that I always wanted as a grandfather. So here’s to a nice guy and a fantastic character actor. Happy Birthday Alan, wherever you are!

Later Little Buddies
Tom Pulsar

The Inevitable March of Time
Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Well I’m back on the road again this time in a 1995…something-or-other. It’s white I remember that much and it also has BATTLE (body) DAMAGE! I am still unemployed but am making great strides toward perhaps-maybe-thinking about finding a new job as soon as I’m done with that doctors care bullshit. It has been several months since my last update so there is a lot to catch up on.

Too much in fact…screw it. My life is the same as it was last time I posted on this thing, a snooze. A Jedi may not crave adventure and excitement but I sure as hell do. I need something more, something with zing and zip. I need a spunky, trouble-making robot sidekick!

No, Doug doesn’t count. And what I need is probably a bit closer to being things like “a job” or “money” or this mythical “motivation” stuff. Though all-in-all I would rather have the robot.

New Item: Tardy New Year’s Resolutions.

#1 - This year I resolve to do something that I’ve always wanted to do and since I have a long list of things that fit that bill I feel that I should have no trouble fulfilling this one.

#2 – Put more effort into shit that I tell myself I’m going to do, barring that I’m going to stop telling myself to do things. (nobody likes being bossed around)

#3 – Starting tomorrow, no more procrastination.

#4 – Use less lists. (I will probably break this one)

Other Items: Art.

I’m going to be doing a lot of artwork in the near future because, while I may be pretty good at drawing, I’m not as good as I would like to be. So if anyone of you guys has an idea for something that you think I need to learn to draw better please drop me a note in the forum. I’m finally ready to take a few requests.

Anyhoo, I’ll see ya in a few. Keep on keeping on and whatnot.

Tom Pulsar.


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