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These are the sites I go to each and every day!
Would I lie to you?

Friends People I know and I think are cool
Christopher S. Jones - The original Drama King and his personal photos reside on this page. Ph33r its Candor!
I Suffer For My Sanity - Stacy's Blog, boy can that chick mope.
Momir Farooq - an awesome artist and minature painter also a part time pirate
The NetWatcher - blog and links of my friend since high school and all around evil genius Wayne Wright - Rachel Jorgensen is a nice girl... too nice...I don't trust her.
RPG Gaming Roll initiative Baby! - A game designer and devout Christian (see not everybody invoved in D&D worships Satan)
Bruce Cordell - Homepage of game designer Bruce Cordell creator of 3.5 psionics and a number of other supplements I enjoy.
Candlekeep - Got a question only Ed Greenwood can answer? This is the place to ask him.
Dungeons & Dragons - the first name in fantasy roleplaying and the game that taught me to Luuuuuuv Satan
Ema's Homepage - Beautifully created character sheets can be found here.
Jonathan Tweet - Another game designer and a strong athiest site, step right up and get a face full of sass.
Monte Cook - Home of Monte Cook and Malhavoc Press, neat stuff all around.
Sean K. Reynolds - Also a game designer and has a site with some cool free content.
S.R.D. - The d20 system reference document. The fluff free version of the worlds best game.
Modern S.R.D. - The fluff free version of the best game in the world's spinoff game
Web Comics Bring the funny Damnit!
Checkerboard Nightmare - Cruel Parody. No one is safe! Muhahahaha!
Giant in the Playground - Home of Order of the Stick. Plus lots of cool D&D content - Aaron Williams can do it all. Full frontal Nerdity is here as well
Nuklear Power - Home of 8-Bit Theater. Black Mage Rules You!
Penny Arcade - I'm not into video games so much but I still enjoy the hell out of this comic.
PVP - The closest thing to Bloom County I think I'm going to find.But awesome on it's own as well. - This guy loves web comics and we're all better off because of it.
Movies Movies that suck and movies that rock. - the Internet Movie Database, an awesome resource for movie lovers
Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension - an awesome resource for bad movie lovers
Superhero Hype - a cool site to get the news on all the latest superhero films
Cool Stuff People should support cool things, cause there are to many things in the world that suck.
[adult swim] - cartoons for My demographic...oh and Milk Chan (bleh)
Adventure Quest - SO you like wasting copious amounts of time? Good! Click this one!
Crack's Smilies and Planet Smilies - Cool smilies sites.
Homestar Runner - Sweet! Cartoons!
Monstrous.Com - Internet monster's Monstrous Baby!
Mythbusters - these nerds are the bomb. - Strap on your Cyclone Armor and get ready to ride. - Of course it's's Space, Damnit!
The Ultimate G.I.Joe Cartoon Website -  I think the name says it all.
Crazy Stuff If it seems insane, this is where i'll put it.
Chick Publications - The paranoid fundamentalist rantings of the inimitable Jack Chick in elegantly drawn comic book format
The Cutting Edge - Ker-razy religious sight, hours of fun and laughs.
The First Church of Shatnerology - You heard me.Worship him as the god he truly is.
Operation Clambake - The site itself is not crazy, but shows just how crazy scientology it
The Raelian Revolution - That's right kiddies, another UFO cult just for you. - For real Vampires. That's right, online support for people who think they are Vampires.
World of the Strange - Aliens, conspiracy nuts, and Bigfoot. Oh My!


Surf your life away, Jackass.

HATE keeps me young.