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Frustration Rant 1.0


So I get hired to do this job.


 It is the first time that <name changed to provoke the ignorant> has ever needed to hire a person to do this job. They have never had any need for this job and they have very little idea how to even hire a person for this job much less what it takes to actually do the job. <same crappy place I mentioned before> does a fair amount of research to find out who would be good for the job. I am PERFECT for the job. Not to sound arrogant but I have the right amount of technical skill and administration skill and public relation savvy and experience. I am perfect. It would honestly be hard to find anyone who had the right amount of qualifications for this job which is why I probably got the job.


 All well and good right?



HE!! NO. I start working and what do I get? Questions!
"Why do you need that?" "Why should we do this?" "Do you really need that?" "Let's wait on this."

Why hire an expert then not listen or do a DAM THING he says.

So now, I have administration telling me to wait or that I can't do something and the professionals I have to deal with on a regular basis saying I do need this or asking why I don't have this.

SAFTEY! is it too much to ask for a simple first aid kit or some safety goggles. YES, apparently spending $20 for stuff like that is too much.
True, I need some high end safety items ($5000+) and I don't mind justifying those expenditures. BUT, when I do justify them you should FVK!Ning well spend the DAM money!

I don’t' ask too much. The changes and equipment I ask for may not make a lot of sense to people who don't know about such things. That is why you HIRE somebody! Is it too much to ask that you listen to the person you hired concerning the job you hired them. If it wasn't for the safety issue I would let it ride and then when the $H!t hits the fan just say," See, I told you so."

The main problem this is causing for me I noticed is that I am taking my frustration out on my friends and that is a crappy thing to do and by reason to do it. For that and that I alone I apologize. We will see if things change. Maybe I'll start a "You'll never believe what happened today" page. Wish me luck.


(Good Luck - Editor)


HATE keeps me young.