Blood and Roses

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Blood and Roses

WARNING: the following rant is about a very controversial topic, homosexuality. If you can't handle it, don't keep reading!

So last week, a high school girl who is a lesbian got a rose for Valentine's Day from another girl. And an entire town in
Georgia is up in arms over it.

What the f**k for?

Ok, so she's gay. Any of you who think that no one you know is gay... you're probably wrong. If you think that being gay is wrong... that's your right, I guess. But my right is to think otherwise.

Who is she hurting? Is the entire school doomed to Hell because she got a rose? I doubt it. Last time I checked, homosexuality was NOT an unforgiveable sin. And though I am not gay, I have friends who are. They aren't evil, they aren't freaks, and they don't try to give people their "gay microbes" or whatever some folks think makes people gay.

I don't think the Christian God likes homosexuals to be gay, but I also don't think he wants them beaten up, spit on, or called names. That's not in any bible *I've* read, at least. Maybe I have the wrong edition, though.

My point, if I actually have one, is: be tolerant. You don't have to like it or agree with it. Just don't hurt pepole over it.

HATE keeps me young.