Crappy Drivers

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Bad Drivers Can Rot in Hell 

I'd like to rant a bit about how it seems that most of the drivers in my city are UTTER MORONS....

Last week on my way to work, I was in the passing lane, doing 65 in a 60 mile zone to get around a car doing about 55. And this long white fancy car is behind me. I'm trying to pass, and this f&*kstick flashes his bloody lights at me for me to get out of his way!

Well, EXCUSE ME, your majesty! I'm sorry that I wasn't passing fast enough for you. Terribly sorry, I'll just run this other car off the road so you can speed on your merry way, how's that?

Arsewipe. And after I was able to get back over, he sped on past me and barrelled down the road doing around 80 in a 60 mile zone.

I'm all in favor of cars being equipped with cell phones that can dial other cars by their license plate number.

Also last week, a car was coming up from an exit trying to merge, and the car in the right lane was hell bent on not letting the car over. Or the merger was hell bent on getting over any way they wanted. All I know is they almost collided, and the lane car came heading straight for me in the next lane.

What follows is as close a transcript of my thoughts as I can recall.

Oh, Gods, that car is coming right at me. I'm gonna be in my first wreck.


Please don't let there be someone I could hurt on my other side...

I don't wanna die...

What will happen if I hit the wall?

I *swear* all that went through my mind in like 5 seconds.

But I moved over some, and they pulled back, and it was avoided.

Now, I don't want to seem as though I'm picking on rich people with fancy cars. But most of them DO seem to think they own the road. So you're a doctor, lawyer, or Indian Chief. BIG FUCKING DEAL. You're still a human being(though that might be dubious.) Have a little respect.

And please, PLEASE. Why do some people act like Hell itself is on their heels, if they don't get in front of you they will just DIE, just so they can turn in to a gas station or apartment complex 23 seconds later?

WHAT FOR? Did you leave the baby holding a lighter and matchbook with only the cat to supervise? Come on. Time oriented though I may be, that is just plain ridiculous.

Moral of this rant: When you drive, assume that every other driver on the road is taking smack and has just been dumped by their lover. You'll be safer that way.

Submitted by: What's It To You?

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