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Here is one of several variant goblins I have created for the Varathia campaign setting. You'll notice they are all linked by the new "goblin subtype" that I have created but each has a very distinct flavor and place within goblin society as a whole.



 This green-skinned humanoid stands slightly taller than a human. It has short pointed ears and jet black hair framing its handsome facial features. Its expression and posture radiates an air of dignified menace.


 Hobgoblins are the nobility and elite of the various goblin races. They have undeniably powerful persuasive skills that make other goblins putty in their hands and assure that they can get whatever they want out of life. They have turned this ability to garner trust and obedience to their collective advantage and made themselves the rulers of goblinkind. They appreciate fine things and high living and will go to great lengths to keep themselves in vaunted positions of power. They are generally arrogant but not unpleasant unless you are obstinate and unwilling to listen to a few honeyed words from time to time. Respect and power seem to be the number one driving motive in hobgoblin culture and they are oft times more than willing to step on one another to get it.


Personality: Hobgoblins have a fairly simple world view. They see themselves at the top of the social order and rarely give a second thought about who is under them, just so long as they stay there. They seem to come with a built in overabundance of confidence that seems to deny common sense. They regard much of their own kind with good natured condescension at best referring to other goblins as “humble folk” and “our simple kinsmen”. They reserve the bulk of their distain for uncouth and rude members of other races and an outright hatred of elves.


Physical Description: Hobgoblins are shaped very much like humans with the same general heights and build, though leaning toward the tallish side. They have glossy black hair and skin color that ranges between greenish-yellow, green, and blue green. They have typical yellow goblin eyes but the shades are much more varied and bright. Of all the goblins they have the shortest ears, which look a good deal like human ears that rise to points and stick out a bit. Many other cultures call the hobgoblin subrace “green elves” a name that both races find highly insulting. It is also a pretty inaccurate description. If anything hobgoblins are handsome in all the ways elves are not. They are powerfully built with taut muscles and angular facial features. They wear their glossy black hair long and well groomed sometimes tying it back in a bundle of fine braids with jewel studded gold or silver fasteners. They prefer well cut dark colored clothing accented by ostentatious rings, earring, necklaces, and ornamental buckles.


Relations: Hobgoblins get along well with anyone they want to and bully those whom they don’t like to get what they want. Their culture makes them expect to get their way in almost every situation. This makes them unpopular with more headstrong races such as dwarves, and certain human cultures. Elves dislike them almost as much as they dislike elves. They are well respected by other goblinkind and are usually in leadership positions even if not one of the highborn.


Alignment: Like most goblins, hobgoblins are generally lawful just so long as they are the ones making the laws.


Hobgoblin Lands: Most hobgoblins enjoy living in mild or cooler climates, finding hot weather rather disagreeable. Hobgoblins prefer to live in the finer portions of large cities or upscale country estates. Not all hobgoblins live in such finery however but most act like they do. They view a nice home as a mark of status and are always keeping an eye out for a newer impressive dwelling to entertain in.

Religion: Hobgoblins are not known for their piety but most pay at least a small amount of homage to the goblin gods. Those that do embrace a life of faithful devotion are very ambitious and fanatical, climbing as high as they possibly can in the hierarchy of their chosen church.


Language: Hobgoblins speak goblin and usually make the effort to learn as many other languages as they can.

Names: Hobgoblin names are likely the most elegant the goblin language can produce, though that doesn’t really say much for them.  A hobgoblin is proud of his name and his clan’s reputation and will go to great lengths to defend his good name and reputation.


Hobgoblin Racial Traits


Medium: As medium creatures, hobgoblins have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.


Speed: A hobgoblin’s base land speed is 30 feet.

Goblin Subtype:  Darkvision 60 feet, +2 racial bonus on all Hide and Move Silently checks, +1 racial bonus on all saves verses disease and poison.

Skills: Hobgoblins receive a +2 racial bonus to all Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks. These bonuses rise to +3 when dealing with other creatures of the goblin subtype. Hobgoblins are skilled negotiators and statesmen being especially adept at manipulating their own kind.


Born Leaders: Hobgoblins seem to have a knack for falling into leadership positions and gaining the loyalty and respect of others. All hobgoblins may choose the leadership feat as a bonus feat upon reaching 6th level (this feat is in addition to the feat normally gained at 6th level) and gain a +1 racial bonus to their leadership score.


Automatic Languages: Common and goblin. Bonus languages: Any Regional, Elven, Giant, Draconic, Sylvan

Favored Class: Rogue. A multiclass hobgoblin’s rogue class does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty (see the XP for Multiclass Characters section on page 60 of the Player's Handbook). Hobgoblins love being able to adapt and respond to new situations both socially and physically and the broad skill selection the rogue class provides gives them all the tools they need to survive and thrive.

Level Adjustment: +0.



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